Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain… (#Perfect)

For several weeks (that feels like years) it has depressingly snowed and snowed and snowed and the damn shuffle has now become an integrated attachment to my sensible (now blistering) office-hands both before and after my actual day job. With streets so full of snow that cannot be removed by plow trucks due to idiot car owners not able to read signs telling them there is a temporary parking prohibition in the city center, it is quite the adrenaline kick to try to move around.. Outside my own house, I now have to shuffle away additionally 5 meters of snow due to the missing access for the plow truck. And even then, people have been parking their cars at the plowing edge, making the street so small that now the plow truck cannot drive there at all and I have to wiggle around to even be able to get my car into my yard. Those cars (or more specific, their owners) have now become my personal hate objects (even though I know that if I had been in their shoes (or car) I might have done the same if I was desperate enough for a parking space…)

Just when there was actually not any room for any more snow and I was about to give up on the whole winter, the weather forecast suddenly promised rain! But, given that they also forecasted -7 degrees Celsius, it of course ended up in snow/ice (what the H*)# were they thinking???), I must admit that meteorologists in general and Yr weather forecast in particular also ended up for my seasonal hate list. Yesterday, however, we suddenly migrated to degrees on the good side of 0 and in the afternoon it finally started to rain. Of course, rain on lots and lots of snow, gives ice and slushy conditions, so today the streets are a mess and I fully intend to stay as much indoors as possible. But, on the good side, I was able to see with my own, blue eyes, how the snow had retreated to the point where I can actually start to see the floor of my terrace! It would of course be better if we had even higher degrees and lets say… sun, but at this point I am settling for ANYTHING that can make the snow go away.

Unfortunately there will be a few days with slushy streets, and with the stupid parked cars not going anywhere, I am not that optimistic about anyone coming to remove the ice/slush. So maybe I will just sit this one out and take the bus for the next few days. Anyways, I hope this is the last we will see of winter this year (or at least until I leave for Dubai and Tokyo in a week). I choose for now to be a slight optimist but with the option of blowing up if more white goo finds its way here…

Have I mentioned how much I really hate snow?

Beautiful scenery, cold as h***

The days are still getting shorter and the solstice is still days away. It is dark both when I leave for work and when I return from it, so for lunch I tend to go for a walk, just to remember what the sun looks like. Luckily, I have the most beautiful nature just outside my office and the 15 minute walk has become the highlight of my day, despite the freezing cold weather (-5 degrees C) and that I have to wear spikes on my shoes in order not to slip on the ice…

Cecilie goes to Tokyo (Marathon) – 11 weeks left

11 short weeks left to Tokyo Marathon and the current training conditions (namely frezing cold and icy) are far from ideal. I am icredible proud of myself for actually donning by icebugs and full winter gear fime times this week. Actually, I don’t find it so dreadful as feared, so my treadmill can rest a bit longer for now.

When I say that it is not as bad as expexted, I do not mean that I wouldn’t trade it in a minute for more comfortable conditions. Luckily next week I can park my spikes and trade 3 layers of clothes for shorts an t-shirts in Dubai and I would be abig, fat liar if I said I am not looking forward to it…

Running on Ice (#DontBreakALeg)

Less than 3 months left to Tokyo Marathon and I am starting to panic a bit, since darkness and icy tracks are not exactly the perfect combination when doing intervals. Luckily I was able to get a hold of running shoes with spikes before they got sold out, so that I hopefully will me able to stay on my feet this winter.

Next week, when I leave for Dubai,  I will luckily be able to shred a couple og kgs of clothes and donne my regular running shoes again. I cannot emphasize enough how much I am looking forward to that…

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