10 Things I learned from watching TV

Being a product of the first real TV-generation in Norway, which means growing up with at least a couple of alternatives to the national channel, I have found that there is much wisdom to be acquired from watching TV and here follows some of my learnings….

10. Size doesn’t matter

Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones must be the all time prime example of “You don’t always have to look tall to stand tall”. Go Tyrion… and yes, I am so longing for the final season..

9. Cultivation of wisdom

Star Trek – The Next Generation from the late 80’s actually taught me as late as last week something really obvious and yet something upon we often don’t reflect.

“The beginning of wisdom is: I do not know.” Data

8. Remember to be selfish (at least sometimes)

Maybe not something to linger for, but sometimes it is important to look after oneself. Not as often as George Constanza from Seinfelt of course, but still.. 

7.  Pursuit of happiness

The 70s show taught me that it is important to be surrounded by people who makes you happy. “Life is too short to spend it with people who annoy you” Red Forman.

6. Unconditional Love

Movies like Brigdet Jones og series like How I met your mother have taught me that you shouldn’t settle for less than a life partner that actually appreciate you for who you are (bingedrink of Pepsi Max, crow-like singing voice, flounder-like running style and all…).

“Shouldn’t we hold out for the person who doesn’t just tolerate our little quirks, but actually kinda like them?” Ted Mosby.

5. Cliffhanger in the last episode of the final season sucks! 

Not the only series that has taught me this, but Scorpion taught me that TV companies don’t give a shit about their viewers and have no scruples in killing off a series with a cliffhanger ending (#UpYours).

4. Families come in all forms and shapes

Series like Modern family has taught me that the modern core family is no longer a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, but comes in all shapes and forms and that the most important thing is to be a part of a family that will always have your back.

3.  The nuances of life

Well, back to Game of Thrones… This series (among others) has taught me that the world contains nuances and should be viewed through a black/white lens. It has shown me that even the worst of villains has a soft spot, making it hard to truly hate them. But, no rules without exceptions, and a big exceptions here is of course King Joffrey, who deserved everything he got and whom I really, truly, deeply hated (so much in fact that I applauded and shouted “In your face” when he met his demise”, also when I re-watched the episode some months later…).

2. Women are allowed to fart

It is a well known fact (or so I thought) that women don’t fart (or flatulate). We try to hold it in and clenches for our bare lives throughout the day. But, at some time it has to come out and our sore spot is of course at night when we are finally relaxed, which can result in a slow stinker or a fart of the more loud kind.

In 1998 I was blissfully ignorant of involuntary flatulating (lucky me, I guess..) until I watched “The Drought” episode of Sex and the City, when Carrie finally feels comfortable sleeping in Mr Big’s apartment, but then manage to let go of a loud fart in her sleep. Believe it or not, but that episode actually helped soften the blow when the same thing happened to me 17 years later when spending the night at my boyfriend’s house. So, instead of digging a whole in the garden and through myself in of bare shame, I claimed the right to disavow all actions performed in a sleeping state.

1. Shrinkage

“It shrinks?” Elaine Benes-

In 1994 I was 20 years and once again blissfully ignorant, and this time of the phenomenon of shrinkage (meaning the effect cold has on a man’s private parts) before watching “The Hamptons” episode of Seinfelt and I must admit I had about the same reaction as Elaine.

So, to sum up, much is to be learned by watching TV, so feel free to binge away… 🙂