Hairdos Through the Decades


Some people just seems to pull off anything, also any kind of hairdos. I mean, take Natalie Portman for example; she looks just as amazing being bold, short haired, long haired, brunette or blonde. Me, I am not one of those people, and this post is my shameful and quite frankly very embarrassing proof of that… f

My history starts around 44 years ago, where I was born screaming and kicking and not to mention bold. I have heard stories about 3 months old babies with quite a set of hair, while my bold, little head didn’t need scissors before the age of 3 (me on the left below).

After a few years, even my hair started to grow, but I never got this thick or curly hair I envied my friends for. I was stuck with my flat, home cut blonde hair and up until I started school, me and my brother had the exact same hairdo.




Then it was my turn to start school, and by then I had grown at least enough hair to have pony tails. Still home cut, obviously….



In my final year at elementary school, I got this great idea to cut my hair short and with a hockey neck (hey, it was the 80-ies). This had to be done at a proper hairdresser, but what we hadn’t thought of is that such a do has to be maintained at least monthly and that cost was not exactly in our budget. Every three months was more like it, leading to the do-being quite flat and straight up ugly (even by that decade’s standards) for the last couple of months. Add a couple of plastic ear lobes and you have the answer for why I missed out on my first kiss in elementary school.

At lower secondary school (ages 13-16) I came once again up with a not so brilliant ide; home perm. Picture this; a bit of a flubby girl with a tiny head, a botch home perm-do and a big, fluffy jacket of the cheap kind.

My at-least-I-have-a-bird-friend-do:

Sweet 16 do:

Confirmation do:

My last year at the lower secondary school, I (fortunately) stopped experimenting and went for a more safe do for a few years, and hey… I got my first kiss 🙂

My volleyball-do:

Throughout high school I continued to play it safe, with long, straight hair. My experimental inner self turned its attention to clothes instead, but that is another (and just as tragic) story.




Then I entered my 20-ies where I revisited my experimental side. At that time I practiced several times a day, so a short do was the most practical one. Even if it made me look like a boy….


In my mid-20-ies, i lived in Oslo and one day I just decided to color my hair black!! With my pale, white face and that terrible black hair, I looked more like a lucky-troll than anything else.


And of course, realizing my mistake and wanting my blondness back, I had to go through a more carrot-colored phase since I did not had the funds to do a proper coloring at a salon.


After a while, I regained my natural hair color, but I kept the short do into the new millennium.


At 30, I felt that my experimental phase was over and since then I have stayed away from both very short hair, perm, black color and home cut hair. I have, however, alternated between long and half-long hair.


My prosecco-happy-do:











I started this post by saying that some people can get away with wearing anything. Well, I have found an exception, because absolutely NO ONE can pull off this jacket to a cost of approx USD 7.500, even though many thought they could since the jackets were quickly sold out (#WhatsUpWithTheBratz).

Foto: Getty Images