Shinkansen- Bullet Train of Perfection

Being from Norway, I am not exactly used to speedy trains and if the train is not (for some reason) replaced with bus-for-train, it often does not depart or arrive on time….

Entering Japan, the birtplace of punctuality, where the top leader of the train company has to officially apologize if the train is ever late (which is as good as never). When I was in Japan in March, I took the bullet train and instantly fell in love with this mode of transoportation. Standing on the station, we were almost blown away by the sound and preassure of trains passing by with a speed up to 320 km/h. The inside was immaculately clean and the seats were spacious and comfortable. If we had more of these, I would definitely switch from flying to taking the train.

Gandhi Smriti – the final footsteps of a peaceful giant

On one of my visits to India a few years back, I visited the Gandhi Smriti museum, the place where Gandhi spent his final days and where he was shot during his morning walk across the compound. In the garden you can backtrack his last steps, which are painted as red footprints on the ground.

Mohandas Karamchand (“Mahatma”) Gandhi, born in 1869, was an Indian activist, fighting against British colonial rule. He was against all forms for violence and fought with non-violent methods, such as civil dispbedience and hungerstrike. Later the pacifisism was founded based on the Gandhi principles.

The person may be dead, but the legend lives on…

The Black Egg of Owakudani – Will add 7 years to your life, but with a cost…

About a month ago I was in Tokyo and one day we went on an excursion to (among others) Hakone and Owakudani Valley, the latter s vulcanic valley with a spectacular view of Mount Fuji in fair weather and with hot springs “en masse”.

Earlier this valley was called “Jigokudani” or “The Valley of Hell” due to the sulfuric smell that hits you the minute you approach. But the view was amazing and the hot springs quite amazing, so the stink was totally worth it.

In Owakudani Valley they have a very special kind of egg, the black Owakudani-Egg. The unique color is due to it being cooked in natural spring water containing sulfur and iron and legend has it that if you eat this egg, you will add 7 years to your life. Well, I did not find the egg very tempting, so on a pure gut feeling, I chose to skip the whole eating experience…

At last…

Finally, after a seemingly never ending winter, it is possible to sit outside with only one layer of clothes without risking frostbites. One hour in the sun with a good book was all I needed to feel relaxed and stress free.

Happy Easter đŸ˜„đŸ„

Easter Staycation

With the sun shining from a clear blue sky and with temperatures close to 20 degrees celcius, there is really no plasce like home to spend Easter, especially if you are not that in to skiing. To day I managed to drag junior away from Fortnite for a few hours, so that we could join his grandmother and her dog to Tangen beach, about 15 minutes of driving from Sandefjord city center. Tangen is a popular place for families during the summer months. It i small and cozy, with good bathroom facilities and (maybe the best of all) no outlets to cause money-naging.

But, even in the spring Tangen is a great place to go for a picnic or a barbeque. We did lunch the simple way and only brought hot dogs in a thermos and soda on ice. Perfect…

Sandefjord – the BugĂ„rden Dam

Northwest of Sandefjord center, you can find the idyllic park of BugĂ„rden, with a community swimming hall, ice rink, several training fiels for e.g skating, football (sprry, I refuse to call it soccer), American Football, archery and volleyball, family activities like a play ground and benches where you can ghave a barbequeue, and (last, but not least), the BugĂ„rden Dam. Earlier the BugĂ„rden Dam had a swimming pool, but with increasing focus on stuff like, well, bacteria and the fact that they didn’t manage to keep the pool clean enough, it closed down way before I made my arrival to this world in the mid-seventies

Every youth who have gone to high school here, has a relationship with the BugÄrden Dam (in my case a quite ambivalent one), since it has a 1,2 km jogging track around it and it is a perfect spot for a 3000m running test.

Even though I used to really hate the BugÄrden Dam in high school, 8 have in my older days grown quite fond of it; especially in the early morning where only the many ducks and me are awake, before the mass invasion og all the ones wanting to spend some time outdoors.

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While you were sleeping…

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This morning (or rather last night..) I had to get up at 4 AM to drive someone to the airport, which is way too early even for me. After mission was accomplished I strugglee for a bit between the choices of either go back to bed or to go for a jog in the park. I am so giving my back an imaginary pat for choosing the latter option and it felt really good to be done with the jog-of-the day before 7 AM.

For the first couple of rounds of the 1.2 km course, it was completely dark and not at all that fun being in the park alone, with only a few ducks to keep me company. After a while, however, the sun started to appear, and so did other earlybirds, and the powerful sunrise made the rest of my run rather magical.