Happy Norway Constitution Day

On the 17th of May 1814, Norway was finally able to escape the claws of Denmark and get our own constitution. Full disclosure, the first Constitution dudn’t exactly grant any rights for either women or the poor, but at least it was the start of something great, our path towards our modern democracy.

So therefore, on the 17th of May each year, in rain, sun, wind and even in rate occasions snow, Norwegians celebrate our Constitution. In the morning all cities have their own parade of schoolchildren and in the afternoon there is another parade for all ages. Both parades with lots of Norwegian flags of course.

We are usually involved in both of these parades, and in between we have assisted with activities and cake sale at junior’s school which is located in the city center. It is a tradition and we always are eager to participate, but the drawback of almost everyone being in the city center at once is of course queues everywhere.

This yeat, both Junior and I were tired after a stressful period, so we decided to run away for the day and do a stay-over at the hotel next to Kristiansand Zoo. So, today we have celebrated our constitution day peacefully with all the animals and a small group of other visitors. After some hours in total tranquility there, we went bach to the hotel for a buffet dinner before retiring to the room. Tomorrow after breakfast we are visiting the aqua park in connection to the zoo before heading back home.

So, to sum up: A perfect day in perfect animalistic company and with a perfect buffet dinner to close it all up❤️

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