The Black Egg of Owakudani – Will add 7 years to your life, but with a cost…

About a month ago I was in Tokyo and one day we went on an excursion to (among others) Hakone and Owakudani Valley, the latter s vulcanic valley with a spectacular view of Mount Fuji in fair weather and with hot springs “en masse”.

Earlier this valley was called “Jigokudani” or “The Valley of Hell” due to the sulfuric smell that hits you the minute you approach. But the view was amazing and the hot springs quite amazing, so the stink was totally worth it.

In Owakudani Valley they have a very special kind of egg, the black Owakudani-Egg. The unique color is due to it being cooked in natural spring water containing sulfur and iron and legend has it that if you eat this egg, you will add 7 years to your life. Well, I did not find the egg very tempting, so on a pure gut feeling, I chose to skip the whole eating experience…

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