Sandefjord – the Bugården Dam

Northwest of Sandefjord center, you can find the idyllic park of Bugården, with a community swimming hall, ice rink, several training fiels for e.g skating, football (sprry, I refuse to call it soccer), American Football, archery and volleyball, family activities like a play ground and benches where you can ghave a barbequeue, and (last, but not least), the Bugården Dam. Earlier the Bugården Dam had a swimming pool, but with increasing focus on stuff like, well, bacteria and the fact that they didn’t manage to keep the pool clean enough, it closed down way before I made my arrival to this world in the mid-seventies

Every youth who have gone to high school here, has a relationship with the Bugården Dam (in my case a quite ambivalent one), since it has a 1,2 km jogging track around it and it is a perfect spot for a 3000m running test.

Even though I used to really hate the Bugården Dam in high school, 8 have in my older days grown quite fond of it; especially in the early morning where only the many ducks and me are awake, before the mass invasion og all the ones wanting to spend some time outdoors.

#trening #sandefjord #maraton

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