Dubai – dune bashing and belly dancing

On our second day in Dubai last week, it was both cloudy and windy, so we decided that it was a perfect day for a desert safari. The trip itself was easily booked through the hotel’s travel desk and that is also where we were picked up by our driver.

Before jumping into the desert, we had a pitstop where we could look at falcons or drive quad bikes, but we settled with just a simple bathroom break and a motion sickness tablet.

Then we were off for some nerve-racking stunts in the desert. Super exiting and fun, but we were quite happy with our decision to take a motion sickness pill before we started. We were like 20 cars in a group and the car in front of us actually almost fell over and had to abort.

After about 40 minutes we stopped, cracked loose from the car and had about 20 minutes to play in the sand and take sand-selfies before we continued to camp.

Our next stop was a bedouine inspired camp where we could ride camels (which we skipped), try sand boarding (which was fun) and buy drinks/corn cob before the food was served.

We paid a bit extra to be seated at regular tables and get the food served, instead of sitting on a pillow on the ground and stand in line for food. Well worth it for my cranky old body. Along with dinner, consisting of arabian BBQ dishes, were various shows; a dancer, a flame swallower and a belly dancer. Very entertaining indeed.

To sum up, I really recommend a desert safari when in Dubai, while of course totally commercial and not very authentic, it is a fun activity for the whole family.

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