Norway – Spectacular Besseggen

Besseggen is a famous mountain ridge between the lakes Gjende and Bessvatnetin Jotunheimen Norway. Being from Norway myself, I must admit that I am shameful it took me this long to take the popular trail from Memurubu, over the edge and down to Gjendesheim. According to Wikipedia it takes 5-7 hours without rest stops, and we proudly completed in about 5, including a couple of stops.

We started off in beautiful sunshine, but when we reached the edge, it started to get foggy. We did, however, get to see the magnificent view from the top before the fog got to us, with the green colored Gjende lake (the color is due to glacier runoff containing clay) on one side and Bessvanetin on the other. 

On our way down, it we could hardly see a meter in front of us, but luckily the trail was well marked, so we did not got lost. Then it started to rain, then to hail and finally it started to snow, so you can safely say we got to experience all four seasons at once. 

An amazing trail I recommend to everyone and I am certainly doing it again someday (preferably in more favorable weather).

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