Amsterdam Marathon 2011 – Cheese, sausages and a toilet in the middle of the room

The Amsterdam Marathon was the first marathon with my then pretty new boyfriend of 3-4 months. To put it like this, we were still in the starting phase of a relationship where you would like to present yourself in the best light possible. My best light is definitely not being on the toilet, so I did not exactly cheer with excitement when we walked into our tiny room at CitizenM Hotel in Amsterdam and noticed that the toilet (and the shower) were placed in the middle of the room with only transparent glass walls. To be honest, we did not feel we knew each other well enough to use the toilet in front of each other (for that matter, we still don’t 8 years later…). We made it work, though… My boyfriend took one for the team and used the toilet down in the reception area and when he went there, I used the one in the room in private. I must admit that even when being alone in the room I felt like a dufus.

Not much privacy in this room

Then to the marathon… Amsterdam Marathon has a flat course with start and finish at the same place (Olympic Stadum). Parts of the course followed the olympic route along the river Amstel and along the course we passed both fashionable villas and wind mills. We also ran through Amsterdam city center, passed by the Rijksmuseum and crossed the Vondelpark. Along the course the spectators were amazing and a lot of them brought us treats like small cheese and sausage bites, chocolate and candy along the way. To put it like this, you are not exactly picky about what you grab of eatable items after 30 km.

This was my third marathon and still the one where I did my personal best (which is so slow it is not worth mentioning..)

3 thoughts on “Amsterdam Marathon 2011 – Cheese, sausages and a toilet in the middle of the room

  1. Great report – it’s a shame you don’t feel you can mention your slow PB, though. You still ran a marathon! I’m very proud of my 5:51:15 PB and my 6:01:12 first marathon (thank you Iceland for being relaxed about cut-off times) and my 6:15:whatever DIY marathon last year. You might well inspire more people by sharing what it was (but I’m not going to try to make you, obviously). I like the route of this one, might well be one to add to my list. Terrible hotel room, though!!!


    1. You know what? You are absolutely right. I should be proud of the fact that I have completed 12 marathons instead of giving myself a hard time about the pace. It’s just that here in Norway the time is the first thing they ask you about when you return from a marathon. If you just cross the border to Sweden, they are not so obsessed by time, but give you kudos just for participating. My PB from Amsterdam is 5h 29 min, but mostly I finish somewhere between 5.45 and 6.00. Thanks for the pep-talk and Happy New Year😊

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      1. Ah, lovely! They ask that in the UK, too but actual runners when I say that time are usually impressed I can keep on my feet that long! Happy New Year and have s great 2019!


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