Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach/Hilton Dubai The Walk – 7 reasons why we always return

This is the seventh time we celebrate Christmas in Dubai, and I have also been here for Easter, spring, autum. and even summer several times. I have stayed at multiple hotels at Juneirah Beach Residence (JBR), but there is one hotel i special (or really two sister hotels sharing the same facilities) I keep coming back to and which I consider my favorite(s): Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach / Hilton Dubai The Walk.

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach (5 star rating) is located right by the sea, and is surrounded by skyscrapers. It only has 10 floors, which makes it one of the lowest buildings in the area. Right across the street is Hilton Dubai The Walk (four star rating), a much taller building with about 45 floors and the two sister hotels are connected through walking bridge. Guests at either hotel are free to use all the facilities of the two hotels. The rooms at Jumeirah Beach are a bit small and the elevator at The Walk is icredible slow. But other than that, and the fact that the two swimming pools are engulfed in shade parts of the day, I simply love the place, and here are some of the reasons why:


The hotels have a private beach with lots of sunbeds/umbrellas and a staff that is most service minded and help you drag the sunbed to your requested position. The towles are huge and soft and the sunbeds are very comfortable.


The area have two pools, one outside The Walk and one down by the beach. As mentioned earlier these are in the shade parts of the day, but are wonderful for morning swim or if it gets too hot in the sun and have a comfortable temperature of about 27-28 degrees C.mrådet har to bassenger, et utenfor The Walk og et nede ved stranden.



The «garden» is really levels of artificial grass with sunbeds and unbrellas and are conveniently located between the pool and the beach. Here it is very quiet and you gave the option of staying both in the sun or or in the shades. It is also a short way to the rest rooms and showers that quite exceeds the regular charter destination standards.


OK, it sounds laxy, but you get use to the table service really fast. A new feature this year, was the option of ordering through an app and just enter which sunbed you would like the order to be delivered to. LOVED IT!


The price level for the hotels varies from year to year, dependent on availbility and time of booking, This year we managed to get a price of around USD 130 / night, breakfast included, which is a fairly decent price compared with some of their neighbours. The price level for food and drinks are steep all over Dubai, especially in hotels with an alcohol license, but if you take advantage of the promotions and the happy hour offerings, it is not so bad, at least compared to Norway.


I have travelled alone with my son to Dubai since he was a toddler and this is by far the country I have felt the most safe in. I even feel more safe here than back in Norway. Dubai is also incredible family friendly with tons pf activities for families with children, cozy parks and lots of play grounds. On Hilton DUbai Jumeirah Beach / The Walk, they have safety wests for non-swimmers, lifeguards in both the pools and at the beach ans a really professional security team. One year, when my son was about, he ran ahead of me, but ran into the wrong elevator, which I did not notice. Suddenly I couldn’t find him and I soon started to panic. I stopped one of the staff members and asked if she had seen him and she immediately engaged Security, which started to go through surveillance tapes and just 5 minutes later they had located and less than 10 minutes a crying little boy was returned to his also crying mother. Later that night, the head of security stopped by our room to give my son balloons and candy to make him feel better (and it worked..)


The hotels are located in the 2 km long beach promenade called The Walk at JBR. Here you can find plenty of small stores, restaurants, beach facilities, entertainment and lots of other activities. It also has a 550m long jogging track with a soft surface, which has been my friend several mornings during this holiday.

As you might have gathered, we have had a blast here in Dubai yet again and I cannot wait to return in 8 weeks. This time with my son and nephew.

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