The Spirit of Christmas

We all have our traditions for how to get a perfect Christmas. For some that is to bake cookies, make the house shine for the holiday, invite friends and family for Christmas parties, cut their own tree, decorate the entire house, make tree ornaments, sing Christmas carols binge on not so healthy food. There is no correct answer to which traditions one should keep; every family have to come up with their own and they should not br critisized for their choices. The point is that traditions should give you a good and warm feeling inside, not make you feel like a prisoner. Familytime should be the priority, but that comes in many shapes and forms.

I felt for many years trapped by the expectations of my surroundings of what constitutes proper celebration of Christmas. But no more; me a and my family have chosen to follow our on path and for Christmas that path leads us to Dubai.

With that in mind, have a very Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays where ever you are and what ever way you choose to celebrate. Enjoy, and live & let live..

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