Christmas in Dubai 2018 – Morning jog on the beach

Coming as a constantly freezing Norwegian to Dubai awakes feelings in me that are hatd to put into words, but to sum up: AMAZING!

Since the Friday Brunch took up most of our time yesterday, I decided to get an early start today. I jumped out of bed at 7AM, which of course is a lie, since it was more dragging of body involved at that was after I had argued with myself for a while why I couldn’t just relax since I was on vacation and all… Well, me and myself came to the agreement that instead of doing the 120min Z2 today, I would to 10 min warm-up + 4×5 min Z4 intervals instead.

After just the first interval, with legs feeling as if I was wearing led shoes, my goal was readjusted to only 3 intervals. After my second interval (and also after a mental slap to the back of my head for not sticking to plan) it was readjusted back to 4 again. Timewise I did OK with a 25 sec/ km improvement from the last time I did the same session back home (but again, that was with three layers of clothing and shoes with spikes, so maybe I didn’t do so well after all.

But time aside, just the feeling of wearing normal jogging shoes, T-shirt and shorts again was incredible and the beautiful scenery with the beach, palm trees and Ain Dubai in the background was a much appreciated bonus.

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