Christmas in Dubai 2018 – The Brunch Experience

In Dubai, Friday Brunch is a big thing and the one Al Qasr hotel is considered one of the best (the best if you ask me). From the moment you are met by golden horses in the pathway leading up to the entrance, you simply just know that you are in for a treat.

From an earlier brunch

At Al Qasr Friday Brunch, three restaurants (Arboretum, The Hide and Al Hambra) have gotten together to give you the culinary treat of a lifetime,p. Here you will find live cooking stations preparing food from all over the world as well as cold cuts in every shape and form, sushi, oysters, patés and of course a couple of rooms with different kind of desserts.

After stuffing ourselves with food and champagne (+plenty of diet coke on my part), we went to the festive market at Madinat, where they have live entertainment (christma#ps songs), market stands with all sorts og christmas things, mulled wine, 0,5 meter hot dogs (I kid you not and a little part of us wished we haven’t been so full) and christmas hats. The children could have a snowball war or go for a sleigh ride.

Since pictures speak louder than words, here are a few from both this year’s brunch and previous ones at the same location.. Enjoy, and if you are doing just one Friday Brunch in your life, do it in style…

PS! It is just one venue that can beat the Friday Brunch at Al Qasr and that is the Christmas Day Brunch in the same spot. We usually celebrate Christmas Eve, but this year, to spike things up, we decided to go for Christmas Day instead. When in Rome, do as the Romans and all that (or in this case: When in Dubai, do as the Brits..).

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