Christmas in Dubai 2018 – The Breakfast Battle

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, our first breakfast at the hotel was a bit of a stressful experience. Arriving at 10:30, there was a really long line (which incidentally several people ignored and just marched directly into the restaurant, but fortunately they were caught and re-directed back in the line). After waiting aroud 15 minutes for a table, we were allowed into the over-crowded restaurant with new lines for everthing from omelettes to pancakes and toasts. I don’t exactly thrive under these conditions and my boyfriend later said I had the look of a hunted deer throughout the whole meal. I ended up with just a roll and some salmon and promised myself never to be so late for breakfast again.

Today I woke up at my usual 6 AM. Breakfast didn’t start until 7, and I also added 30 additional minutes to not look too eager, before entering the breakfast restaurant. Alone, I might add…my better half was pretty much unconsious that early (not an earlybird). Anyway, today the ambiance was much better. No stress at all and I could just walk straight up to the cooking station and order a customized omelette and make myself a toast. Perfect!

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