Christmas in Dubai 2018 – First Day in The Sun


Alas, so my first day in Dubai has come to and end I must confess that (as usual) Dubai has delivered on all levels. Well, maybe except for the breakfast experience… Since we arrived at the hotell at 2AM, we tried to sleep in and were not on our way down for breakfast until 10:30. There we were met by an insane long line, which is very unusual for me since I tend to arrive when they open for breakfast.

After breakfast we went straight for the beach. The best spots were of course taken so late in the day, but we did manage to secure some really good spots to the side of the main beach area, where we could freely move our sunbeds around after the sun. The sea temperature was about 22-23 degrees, so perfect for a colder-than-most Norwegian.

Since last year, the hotel had gotten an app where you could enter an order of food and/or drinks and it would be delivered at your sunbed. How we were able to survive all these years with a manual beach butler is a mystery (irony, for those who didn’t get that, but jokes aside; I very much liked the new app).


After a few ours of sunbathing, regular bathing and reading, I started to get bored and decided to go for a slo Z2 run on the beach. The pace was awful, but I choose to blame it on the uneven sandy conditions. I also managed to get a couple of ugly blisters, which one should think were impossible given that I was running barefoot.

After the run, we had about 30 minutes in our room before we headed out for a walk. We ended up in Blue Waters Island, a brand new peninsula by JBR, with hotels, condos and restaurants. From here you can see the Jumeirah Beach Residence skyline perfectly.

On our way back to the hotel we very much enjoyed all the Christmas decorations along the way. Back at the hotel we went for happy hour at Wavebreaker before ending up at The Grape Escape for raclett and fondue. Here we met a couple from UK who were living in Dubai and they had the most interesting stories to tell.

Tomorrow it is time for one of the highlights of the trip, namely the Friday Brunch at Al Qasr. I cannot begin to describe how much I am looking forward to that..

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