The Early-Bird Treat

Finally departure day is here! Since our flight was at 6 AM I had big plans for an early evening yesterday, bit that didn’t quite happen so I did not fall asleep until close to midnight. So, at 3 AM, 1 whole hour befor my alarmbell was to go off, KLM thought it wise to send a text, weaking me up, with the message that the airport was crowded. Yea right, it took us like 15 minutes from we were dropped off by the taxi until we had checked our luggage and been through security (#LoveTorpAirport).

So, still a bit grumpy from the inscheduled early morning, we boarded the plane where the temperature felt sub-zero an the seats were cold as ice. We had to de-ice before we could take off, and that took about 40 minutes, but finally we were in the air. So, to re-cap: still grumpy and now also freezing… But then I took a look out the window and saw the most beautiful of sunrises and my dark mood vaporized immediately. It was really calming to see the rays of sun slowly break through the thick layer of clouds.

When we landed in Amsterdam, my mood was much better. We have some hours to kill here before our last leg to Dubai, but at least we are fortunate enough to have access to the lounge. All in all, a good start on our Christmas trip.

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