India – Goat-throwing and Taj Mahal

A few years back I went to India to visit an orphanage and to travel around in this enormous diversified country and was left with experiences for a life time.

The orphanage was located approx 5 hours of train ride + 1 hour by car from Chennai and was driven by a Norwegian philanthropist. I was to sleep on the kitchen floor and there were no glass windows, but only holes in the wall with bars. The first morning I woke up to a racket just outside my “window”. I went out and saw a SNAKE. When I asked if it was venomous I was told “Yes, 10 minutes dead”. Very comforting considering we were hours away from the nearest hospital. The worst of it all, they took it across the street an let it go! Well, safe to say I did not exactly sleep peacefully for the rest of my stay.

The people in the village was really friendly and invited us into their homes to meet their families. One day some local boys tried to tell us about a festival and something about goat and throwing. This we had to see, so we drove for an hour into the deserted landscape and when we stopped we were greeted by thousands of cheerful persons of all ages who included us in their procession (meaning 1 hour of walk in 40 degrees Celsius, in a sari and wth no water) to the festival area. It turned out they were to do a fertility ritual where they mixed goats blood with rice and ate it to be blessed with a baby. Very interesting, but when they started to throw goats in the air for some reason, we wished them luck and departed.

After a week at the orphanage I went to Agra to view the wonderful Taj Majal and then I spent some days in Dehli before returning back to the cold winter in Norway.

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