Dubai – ready, set, go…

Passport and suitcases are already packed and in just 36 hours I will happily leave this cold for some R&R in more well tempered conditions.

I did not much feel like going for a run today, but since I had to drop my son off for basket practice anyway, I thought I might as well do some intervals before picking him up. The plan for today was 10 minutes warm-up and 4×5 minutes zone 4 intervals. Halfway in, I started to regret my choice of’ dinner today (note to self: spicy indian food is not the wisest choice before a run). Hunched over and with stomach cramps I did manage to complete the two last intervals and for me that was the achievement of the week.

Now I am gladly parking my Icebugs for regular shoes without spikes and I am seriously looking forward to this again: 

Wishing you all some peaceful days before Christmas…

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