Pathologically on time (#NeverLate)

From the minute I was dragged out of my mother’s womb several days overdue, I was taught the virtue of being on time, and I have never been late again (at least almost never).

To specify, in social settings I do not like to be too early either, I am just pathologically enclined to be just on time. Since I always leave early in order not to be late, I usually have to go for an extra walk to kill the spare time before ringing the doorbell exactly on time.

When I am travelling, however, just the thought of missing my flight gives me nightmares, so I always plan on being at the airport at least 2,5 hours before departure, and in addition I add buffer minutes for everything that can go wrong on the way (cancelled train, delay in security check or check in etc). Need I say that I usually have a few extra hours at the airport?

Then I met my boyfriend, the most perfect guy in the world except for one minor flaw; he is never on time. We have been together for 8 years and for the first couple of years we had some disputes (to put it mildly) related to his tardiness. But, as the years went by we managed to reach a compromise. He never asks whe our flight is, but only when we are to leave for the airport, and I buy him a beer in the bar when we reach the airport and he discovers we have 3+ hours to kill before departure…

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